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Scott Grubb

Scott Grubb

Management Consultant

Scott Grubb

It’s the business of running a business that trips up most owners, not the vision that led them to start a company in the first place. It’s struggling with critical fundamentals like business planning, hiring & developing teams, managing projects, & tracking cash that keeps them from reaching their potential.

The most common issues I come across are:

  • Poor Hiring Process: Businesses are nothing more than a group of people solving a problem together. If a company isn’t actively screening people for personality traits, proper work experience, & culture fit, they’re allowing people in the door that can do more harm than good. Having a thorough screening process for allowing people into your tribe ensures they’ll be additive to what you’re building.
  • Not Measuring: My favorite quote is, “That which is measured, improves.” Companies that aren’t measuring their performance regularly struggle to see what direction they’re going or how fast they’re traveling. Checking key performance indicators (KPI’s) weekly in each department ensures the company is on the right path and headed towards success.
  • Lack of Planning: Companies struggling to get traction aren’t taking time away from the day-to-day to plan properly. Skipping annual and quarterly planning can leave a company feeling like a ship without a rudder. Getting out of the daily grind to work on the business provides clarity around where you want to go and ensures the goals you set will get you there. 
  • Lack of Systems: Companies that aren’t centralizing the management of their team’s work will experience confusion about who is doing what. The result is missed deadlines & incomplete work, disappointed customers, and frustrated teams. Having the proper tools, systems, and meetings in place avoids duplicated effort, creates high-functioning teams, and builds trust with customers.

     I work with small and medium-sized companies to address these issues so they can make better decisions, build better teams, and bring their vision to life.

    Experiences, reading, and tools that shaped my thinking



    • Fortune 50 sales experience w/ Dell & Apple (2003 – 2008)
    • Bootstrapping a consulting firm in order to leave the corporate world (2007 – present)
    • Co-founding a venture-backed SaaS platform for the healthcare & hospitality industries and raising over $3 million in venture funding (2012 – 2018)
    • Serving as COO of an EdTech SaaS company that was acquired by a very talented private-equity firm during my tenure (2018 – 2020)
    • Serving as COO of a startup that provided large-scale COVID-19 testing to top higher-ed institutions and government organizations (2020 – 2021)
    • Being a Member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) (since 2016)
    • Self-implementing Entrepreneur’s Operating System (EOS) at 3 different companies 
    • Being with my wife for nearly 20 years & becoming a father to a beautiful daughter and two amazing little boys




    • “Crucial Conversations”
    • “Atomic Habits”
    • “15 Conscious Habits of Leadership”
    • “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” 
    • “Radical Candor” 
    • “Lead the Field”
    • “Who”
    • “Traction”
    • “Scaling Up”
    • “Simple Numbers” 
    • “Deep Work” 
    • “StrengthsFinder 2.0”

     Tools & Systems

    • Asana & Trello – project management
    • Culture Index – personality assessment
    • Sandler Training – sales & mgmt training
    • Confluence – wiki
    • Jira – product management
    • G-suite – productivity
    • Hubspot & Sales Force – CRM
    • Lucid Chart & X-Mind – org charts & mind mapping
    • Captio – notes / reminders
    • Rippling – HR & payroll